Another Saya Cosplay as Tifa Lockhart

Tifa is the one of two character that i love from Final Fantasy VII, well Like in another Saya Cosplay, Saya always bring a pretty cosplay photo with a sweet smile you can check other Saya Cosplay photo from this Link, Tifa is the main female character from final fantasy and she is one of my reason why i watch final fantasy VII ^^" (i'm not a fans of final fantasy) i just like how Tifa punch someone with her mighty hand ~I suggest you should never make a mess with her xD

Another Saya Cosplay as Tifa Lockhart Gallery

There is some reason that makes me in love this Saya Cosplay, first Saya is one of my favoritest coser, second she got sweet smile that always drag me to admire every Saya Cosplay photo, third I think Saya look fits enough as Tifa though i think she got different expression that made her can't show tifa personality on this Saya Cosplay, and last Saya has perfect body shape and very similar with Tifa's Body in Final Fantasy (love the last picture), well thats what i though about this Sweet Saya Cosplay photo as Tifa Lockhart, how about? :D well whatever you think, just enjoy this sweet Saya Cosplay Photo checkher previous The Idolm@ster Cosplay.

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