SKIP BEAT @ Guam (Island Photo-shoot)

This blog entry is so overdue! We actually shot these last November and honestly, it feels just like yesterday! This costume and setting is from the 2nd latest Arc of SKIP BEAT which featured Kyoko and Ren in Guam!


IMG_7923-Edit 2

Mogami Kyoko: Kaika/ Elpheal

Tsuruga Ren/ Kuon : Zephyus

Photo: Ahbutography & Maria

Help from: Kzf & Neo


I hadn't thought of cosplaying this version before but Zephyus Cos was all for it and I got psychoed into this haha.







I had a hard time deciding what colour to use for her dress since the manga was in black and white. My initial intention was to go with something dark; probably navy or maroon. However, I suddenly remembered this outfit she had in this game version of the series and it featured kyoko in a white cardigan with bright rose coloured dress. Henceforth I decided to base my colour scheme around that because ... i think Kyoko suits bright colours better xDD




The white top was made from leftover chiffon. I probably could have done a better job with it but alas I did not T.T. The dress was modified from a v-neck spaghetti strap dress. The original design has gathers around her waist but I looked really fat in that design so I took that out and turned it into a baby dress. You can't really see it but i prepared a white quilt purse too ^^.  So much work for a casual clothes cosplay =_=;;,













"The colour of the sea is nostalgic. It's the same colour of the sea I often played in when I was a child..."





"There aren't that many people around here though. Is it because the rocky terrain here’s a swimming hazard?
It's convenient for someone like me who wants to take my fill of the sea in peace though."





"WHY!? Why is she here? "


"Isn't she supposed to arrive tomorrow?"





"Well, you see... I.."

"Your status is a lowly human. Don't talk to me so familiarly." --- That's the face.





* --GLO---OM-- *


"That's it. I suppose.. Yes, I'm sure he can't recognise me ..."












" Could you be Kyoko?"






“ I need to borrow a voice with magic”


*--touch-- *






"Why that voice?? “


“ Because it's the voice that’s most vivid in Kyoko's memory. Probably the last man you spoke to or ruminated on.”






“ Did.She.Ruminate?! “



“What destructive powerrrrrrr, my face is going out of shape~~~~"





"I'm thirsty...!"


"..Ah.. I suppose you are.. Then some juice or something..?"


"I don't just want any ordinary juice! I want a COCONUT! "




"Because even if the voice is Tsuruga-san's, Corn isn't Tsuruga-san!"





"But the physical proportions they are exactly the same as Tsuruga-san's! Right down to the arrangement of the features! The head , the face … not to mention the ears' size and shape!"






I hope you guys liked the pictures! The costumes itself were relatively simple (even though it still took me a lot of effort to put together -_-) but the shoot itself was tedious , heart racing and painful haha. We rose early to get ready for the shoot and had to ferry the whole group of us to another island just to get to the location. It was a long day of basking under the sun and getting attacked my killer mosquitoes. But it was also a very fun shoot as we cracked jokes and made fun of each other.






Please don’t ask me for the location because it can be googled easily, I hate it when people don’t make efforts themselves . You will hear me talk more about the shoot and location in the Behind-The-Scene video I filmed for this photo-shoot.




Really need to thank this amazing group of people for making this shoot work! Really couldn’t thank them more T_T . Please look forward to part 2 of this photo-shoot where I share more casual photographs and BTS write up^^!

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