Nice Makise Kurisu Cosplay by Karuho

Makise Kurisu is the main female character from Steins;gate anime, and this she's not just pretty but she is genius for real, this is nice Makise Kurisu Cosplay photo the cosplayer (karuho) seem sweet and can represent Makise Kurisu well in this Makise Kurisu Cosplay, not just that but Karuho look smart enough as Mikase, although i think she will look more great and more fits as Makise Kurisu if she's not using that makeup (i don't think Makise Kurisu like grooming ^^) well i love this Makise Kurisu Cosplay.

Nice Makise Kurisu Cosplay by Karuko Gallery

Although her makeup made her look different from Makise Kurisu but that Makeup is one of my reason why i love this Makise Kurisu Cosplay photo, with this Makise Kurisu i can see other side Makise Kurisu when she got more red lips and pretty blue eyes (don't Makise's eyes color in anime) beside that in the last Makise Kurisu Cosplay photo i like her pose, how she looking at sky, that represent how high her dream and thats was remind me to Mayushii habit, well i got this Makise Kurisu Cosplay from Karuho's worldCosplay page.

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