Inocent One Piece Cosplay Photo by Kurumi

Still remmember Kurumi Red!? you can find her previous Death Note Cosplay photo from this link, actually i already got my favorites One Piece Cosplay of Shirahoshi, Shirahoshi Cosplay by Ba Dian Dian (i really love that especially her expression and her act on that One Piece Cosplay photo) Ba Dian Dian was make shirahoshi alive, the reason that makes me love One Piece Cosplay photo by Ba Dian Dian is the same reason why i love this One Piece Cosplay Photo.

Inocent One Piece Cosplay Photo by Kurumi Gallery

Kurumi Red is the cosplayer behind this nice One Piece Cosplay photo, she got cute expression (love her cry babe expression on the first picture ^^) thats look like a real Shirahoshi Hime, about her cosplay costume, i can see hows good is that, that shirahoshi cosplay costume look so good with a nice detailed and the right choosen material, well one more thing that i love from this One Piece Cosplay photo is the background of it, on the 7th picture look like swiming with her whale (forgot that whale name ^^") well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photo by Kurumi Red from her worldCosplay page.

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