Yuno Gasai Cosplay Photo by Pipi

Epic Yuno Gasai Cosplay photo by Pipi, Yuno Gasai is the main female character from Mirai Nikki Anime or also known as Future diary in west, Pipi has manage to show us Yuno Gasai's psychopath personality on this Yuno Gasai Cosplay, her smile while swinging an axe make me feel like she really enjoying her kill XD.

Not just manage to show us Yuno's dark side but Pipi also can show a cute side of yuno gasai, look at the first photo...she looks cute is't she? although its still scary to see girl with an axe and katana on their hand Lol, The dark shade and blood effect on this Yuno Gasai Cosplay photo made this photo look even more alive. i got this Yuno Gasai Cosplay photo by Pipi from her worldcosplay page. 

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