Pretty Inori Yuzuriha Cosplay by Karen

Yea its really Pretty Inori Yuzuriha Cosplay photo by Karen, although Karen did't that hot as this Inori Yuzuriha Cosplay photo but she did a great cosplay photo here, i really love the photography effect on this cosplay photo, i think the lighting and angle of the camera give a big contribution to make this Inori Yuzuriha Cosplay looks beautiful.


Inori Yuzuriha is the female protagonist of Guilty Crown and a member of the resistance guerrilla group called "Funeral Parlor". She is the voice of the internet artist "Egoist". Inori is first shown to be emotionless and only cares to follow Gai's orders. Inori was made by GHQ to "Contain Mana's mind". Mana lost her body on lost christmas but her mind still remains. well its beautiful Inori Yuzuriha Cosplay by Karen, i got this from her worldcosplay page.

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