The Best Naruto Cosplay (sofar)

This is the best Naruto Cosplay photo so far i have ever seen, i dont know why but its really hard to find Naruto Cosplay photo that suitable with my imagination about naruto character, most of Naruto cosplay always look more cuter or to ugly for naruto, but this one the coser look fits enough as naruto beside that i really like his expression, but sadly i don't know their name i found this Naruto Cosplay randomly from internet.

There is another coser too on this Naruto cosplay photo, they are look really sweet with their cosplay costume, and look fits enoug, except for Sasuke and sei cosplay XD not sure why but they're ruining my imagination about Sasuke and sei. well whatever, i know how hard to make ourself look like people's favorites character. good work guys!!

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