Singeki No Kyojin : Anni Leonhart Cosplay

Singeki No Kyojin Cosplay by Hana, after she manage to make Mikasa alive on her previous Cosplay photo (and make me fall in love with mikasa once again) this time we can see Anni Leonhart Cosplay photo by her, I actually feel Anni Leonhart cosplay would look more real if it is the European coser, because Anni Leonhart has a nose that is too unique to asian girl ^^.

Well at lease Hana has manage to make Anni Leonhart character more cuter that the original one (Anni always look scary with her serious face on anime), i really her proff and costume on this Anni Leonhart Cosplay photo, thats really look like a real one and also her blond hair look really pretty on Hana. i love it.

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