Tasha and Miyuko Cosplay as Cyphers Characters

Tasha and Miyuko Cosplay as Cyphers Characters Gallery


Another Tasha Cosplay Photography as Hotaru character from Cyphers Online game, but now she come with another SPCats girls, her name is Miyuko :D (she is one of my favorites coser), on this Tasha Cosplay Photography Miyuko Cosplaying as Trixie (new character from Cyphers online) and they look perfect on it, well like i said SPCats always made impressive costume on every their cosplay, look at those Trixie and Hotaru cosplay costume, that was impressive costume, well actually on this Tasha Cosplay photography, Tasha body posture seem lil bit different with Hotaru body posture ^^ but thats not a big matter, they both looks awesome on this Tasha and Miyuko Cosplay Photography, and i got this Tasha and Miyuko Cosplay from cosrain, you can check SPCats official page to see the rest Cosplay pictures.

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