Ninja Girl Cosplay Photography by Yumi

I really not sure what cosplay is this, but i'am sure she's very hot here ^^ the coser name is yumi although she's not preofessional coser but she manage to make this Ninja Girl Cosplay look awesome (not sure there is such a hot female ninja with make up in the past like this XD) i got this Ninja Girl Cosplay photo from cosrain, nicole said this is Kill Bill Cosplay.

Ninja Girl Cosplay Photography by Yumi Gallery

but i think in kill bill everybody using katana as weapon not kodachi right? well actually i don't really care about what cosplay is this, all i know is Yumi is hot with that Ninja Girl Cosplay Costume, when i saw this cosplay photography by yumi, its remind me to kasumi character from dead or alive, and Yumi look fits enough as Kasumi character.

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