Saya Cosplay Photography with Elegant Dress

Still remember this Saya Cosplay with Black Dress? now i got more Saya Cosplay photo with that Hatsune Miku black elegant dress, but this time she got a mask, when i saw that mask now i can clearly see why saya (i mean Miku) wearing that black dress (glad its not prewedding photo session XD) i think in this Saya Cosplay photography Miku attending Masquerade Party.

Saya Cosplay Photography with Elegant Dress e Gallery

Well my favorites picture from this Saya Cosplay photography is the first two, I love Saya pose, she look so sweet and elegant with that pose and black dress, but i think she need more dramatic background to make this Saya Cosplay photography more alive, i really love previous Saya Cosplay photography with the background of city with sunset touch. well saya don't need cotume to make her look amazing. 

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