Great Miiko Cosplay Photography as Inga

Its great Miiko Cosplay as Inga, if want to know whos inga is, lets check Un-Go wikipedia XD inga is Shinjūrō's boss, who has a very strange personality. While usually seen in the form of a young boy, she occasionally transforms into a busty mature woman. When in her true form, thats its :D, since i don't know much about this Inga Character lets forget about how fits Miiko on this Miiko Cosplay as Inga ^^.

Great Miiko Cosplay Photography as Inga Gallery

Check Previous Miiko Cosplay photo, though i don't really care with how fits Miiko as Inga but i love her makeup on this Miiko Cosplay photography, i think she got a right makeup that make her look like a real inga (not sure inga is a girl or a boy XD) i think Miiko manage to show inga character well and she also can represent inga personality by her pose on this Miiko Cosplay photo, its great Miiko Cosplay photo with a nice makeup.

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