One Piece Cosplay Nami by Badandan

One Piece Cosplay Nami by Badandan Cosplayer, lately Badandan has become one of my favorites cosplayer because she always cosplaying character from One Piece anime, well that just one of my reason but the most i love from Badandan is she always did great expression on her cosplay, she can made the character come alive with their personality beside badandan also always seem enjoy in every her cosplay photo (i think that the main point who made her One Piece Cosplay Photography seem alive), and this time badandan Cosplaying as one of main female character from One Piece Anime, ya she cosplaying as Cute thieft girl Nami, Nami is a pirates Thieft before Luffy kill arlong and she join with Luffy as Navigator in Going Merry ship, well i never see badandan cosplay other than One Piece Cosplay so far so i think that show that Badandan love One Piece anime just like me XD.

One Piece Cosplay Nami by Badandan Gallery

Well its Another Badandan Cosplay as One Piece Character, well i really love her One Piece Cosplay before (she cosplaying as Perona, Shirahoshi Hime and Caimie) that was awesome One Piece cosplay, but this time she cosplaying as nami, i dont know why but i dont really like this One Piece Cosplay Photography, i just think Badandan seem not fit well as nami maybe that because badandan has different face characteristic and body posture with nami which i ever imagine, beside that in this One Piece Cosplay photography Badandan seem lost her awesome expression ^^, another think who made this Nami Cosplay Photo seem different is Badandan's has too bold eyelines (that just different with nami ^^) and not fit with Nami Personality, well one thing which i really love from this One Piece Cosplay is....OMG!! I can see going merry again here, last time i saw going merry is when that ship destroyed and burned T.T that so sad lol, well i got this One Piece Cosplay Nami by Badandan from, its still nice One Piece Cosplay Photography ^^.

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