One Piece Cosplay Photo by DNA Photography

One Piece Cosplay Photo by DNA Photography as Perona character before two years time skip, Perona is a antagonist character from One Piece Anime series though in the end (after time skip) she become friend with Roronoa Zoro, I like Perona appearance i think Eichiro oda has inspired by Gothic Lolita style whe he create this character, Perona is confident and firm with herself. She dislikes people telling her what to do and dislikes anyone disobeying her will. She apparently likes 'cute' creatures and will only allow someone to work for her if they are cute. Her dream is to create a country where all the 'cute' people are turned into zombie animals that obey only her, She disliked Kumashi because although he is cute in appearance his voice is not.

One Piece Cosplay Photo by DNA Photography Gallery

Another Badandan Cosplay Photography as One Piece Anime character, i already post her One Piece cosplay photography as Perona before (that was awesome One Piece Cosplay) but this time her One Piece Cosplay photo has dominate with pink color, i think that fit and match with Perona personality and style as Lolita gothic, well like i said before which i love from Badandan Cosplay photo (beside she is cute :P) is badandan always manage to make the character she cosing alive with their personality and habbit, like in this One Piece cosplay photography, badandan has same expression with Perona beside that i love her ghost pose XD (her body elastic just like a jelly lol) well once again badandan has been made perona come to alive :D, i got this One Piece cosplay photo from Badandan's WorldCosplay page, sweet One Piece Cosplay Photo by Badandan.

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