Saya Cosplay as Meidi Rose

Saya Cosplay as Meidi Rose from Pink Sweet, Pink sweet is manic shooter game by Cave, with heavy Raizing influences, well i really dont know about this game ^^", so i'll take some information from wikipedia, in this Pink Sweet game Mother Teresa, the sixth Guardian in Ibara, did not die, the Players in game will be a pilot the gals and use a barrier/shot system to defeat flitting enemies as well as end level bosses of the pastel-colored type, in this game player can shoose everal character ect, Meidi Rose, Midi Rose, Kasumi Rose, Shasta Rose, Lace Rose almost of character has full name rose n pink ^^", thats sound cute for me, this pink sweet game was released in Japanese arcades during the second Quarter of 2006, this game has features the stage 1-5 bosses from Ibara as playable characters.

Saya Cosplay as Meidi Rose Photo Gallery

well regardless of my ignorance about this game, i know everything about saya XD, this is been long time im not post one of my favorite cosplayer Saya, Saya seem very fit as Meidi Rose though Saya seem to sweet as maidi, when i compahare this Saya Cosplay as Meidi Rose, i though maidi should have a keen eye and look a bit grumpy, Saya has did well on her Meidi cosplay costume too (thoug i think that not elaborate costume) i love her wig, the white hair and red hairband look very fit with Saya face posture, that made her become more sweet ^^, the cosplay photo has dominate with red and white color who made this photo has feminine and romantic taste, that was very fit with the Rose word in Meidi rose name, i took this Saya Cosplay as Meidi Rose from nice cosplay.   

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