Kipi Cosplay as Lenalee Lee

Kipi Cosplay as Lenalee Lee from D.Gray Man, D.Gray man is japanese manga and has been adapt to anime, D.Gray man take a background setting in (fictitious) eroupe in 19th Century, the story D.Gray man start for the young boy named Allen Walker who become exorcist, exorcist has a duty to eleminate Akuma created Earl of Millennium of human sorrow, In this Kipi Cosplay as Lenalee Lee, kipi cosplaying as Lenalee Lee which one of Exorcist member of the European Branch of the Black Order who become friend with Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee has dark green hair in the anime and usualy with long pigtail hair style,  but recently her hair has grown back to shoulder length, Her feelings are explained by her loss of all family except Komui, i love her perssonlaity,  when I watched this anime I immediately liked the character of Lenalee Lee, character and SHE Become one of my favorite character.

Kipi Cosplay as Lenalee Lee Photo Gallery

Kipi did great cosplay in this Kipi Cosplay as Lenalee Lee, she manage to create cheerfull renalee lee, though that was not perfectly fit with Renalee lee which i ever imagine, but kipi did great on her cosplay costume, and i love her hair, actually i really like to see a cosplayer do not wear a wig for cosplaying some character, thats will look more natural then when they wear a wig, (ofc that will be hard to makee some anime hair without wig ^^), in this Kipi Cosplay as Lenalee Lee kipi not cosplaying alone, there is some of her friend whos cosplaying as antother character ect, the main character Allen Walker, Levi and Komui Lee, but unlucky i really dont know whos their name ^^", so sorry for not including their name, but its well be great if someone can comment on this post and tell me whos the cosplayer name. well i got this Kipi Cosplay as Lenalee Lee from, please check there and see another cool cosplay photo ^^.

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