Macross frontier cosplay by Anji

Macross frontier cosplay by Anji another cosplay photo from Macross frontier anime, this time is Anji turn, shes cosplaying as Sheryl nome, i though Sheryl Nome become most popular character among the cosplayer, its been many time i post about Sheryl nome cosplay, Sheryl Nome is one of the main character in the Macross Frontier anime she also known as Galaxy fairy after she become pop idol in the galaxy, As such, her popularity was soaring just as high in the Galaxy's sister fleet, Macross Frontier, and she really proud of her self,  Sheryl's first encounter with Alto Saotome occurs when he serves as a backup 'performer' at her first concert in Frontier.

Macross Frontier Cosplay by Anji Photo Gallery

i took some information from wiki ^^, well...i took this Macross frontier cosplay by Anji from, i hope u visit there if u had a time, in this Macross frontier cosplay by Anji, anji wearing Nurse costume i though that not fit with Sheryl Nome which a singer, and i never see sheryl nome wearing that kind outfit in the series too or maybe i just missed that, when i saw this Macross frontier cosplay by Anji, actually im not really sure this is was Sheryl Nome Cosplay photo becouse i reconize that just from her wig, although its not like Sheryl Nome which i ever know, but Anji look good too in her Nurse Outfit ^^, regardless of that Anji has manage to create another version of sheryl nome, nice cosplay.

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