Disciples2 Cosplay photo by Reki-Konran

Disciples2 Cosplay photo by Reki-Konran as Banshe, Disciples2 Dark Prophecy, is PC game whos has released on on January 24, 2002, i still remember when i play this game, i think this was good Fantasy turn-based strategy, Disciples II is a fantasy strategy game, set in a fictional kingdom called Nevandaar, in this game player must build up the capital city of player race from that capital city player can create w Warriors and spells, and building up new armies (this involves careful resource management) and player can using heroes (leading small squads) to explore the surroundings, its bit different from another turn-based strategy and give different sensation too, Each playable race's Capital City is protected by an extremely powerful guardian, who is nearly impossible to defeat except with a very strong hero.

Disciples2 Cosplay Photo by Reki-Konran Photo Gallery

this Disciples2 Cosplay photo by Reki-Konran i took from MMOSite.com, its awesome and was stunning cosplay photo, the cosplayer name is Naga Zmeyuka , i think this is my first time i post her cosplay photo, she is rusian cosplayer who made me ipresed with her totality in cosplay work, i love her make up, that was make har very close seem like banshe for real, the cosplay costume has been made with very high detailed with right material and full filled with lace in the dress, everyting look very detailed here, as well with her magic staff, that skull magical staff has made with detailed she even add siper web on that :O, thats awesome, i love photography aspect on this Disciples2 Cosplay photo by Reki-Konran, with background of ruin and some magicall affect thats can make this cosplay photo can describe well what banshe is, well its stunning Disciples2 Cosplay photo by Reki-Konran cosplay work, the photographer behind this amazing cosplay photo is Reki-Konran.

Tanks to someone there who has gimme information about this Banshe cosplay photo, and sorry for my mistake information before ^^.

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