Fairy Tail Cosplay : Virgo Nice Cosplay Costume (costume play)

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Virgo Nice Cosplay Costume (costume play)
Here is this, new image from Virgo Cosplay Costume, I've posted  virgo cosplay before but along with Lucy Heartfilia and i has decided, now I'll post the Solo Virgo of Fairy Tail Cosplay Costume, virgo characters look very cute and funny, especially if she was in Chibi form and behavior that she always blamed herself and ask for phunisment that always made me laugh, plus she always brings costume from spirit world to be given to Lucy Heartfilia, and when Lucy in quest to stop nirvana she brought a pair of costum for Lucy and Natsu, it makes they look like a couple  ^^.

If I'm not wrong I found this Virgo Fairy Tail Cosplay picture Cosplay from cosplay.com, I'm little doubt coz I find this picture was two days ago ^^", I already forgot. this is nice virgo Cosplay photo she looks cute and also very natural, very fit at all with  virgo what I imagine (I said same thing on my previous virgo post xD) well, I like the expression of this  virgo cosplay picture, very representative and fitted with virgo expression in the Fairy Tail anime. cool cosplay !

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