Fairy Tail Cosplay : Erza Scarlet Stunning Cosplay

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Erza Scarlet Stunning Cosplay
I've just watch this anime yesterday, and wawww ... this anime always makes me laugh until tears came out I think there is no battle is too serious in Fairy Tail anime, and one of my favorite characters are Erza Scarlet, she is monsters who are violent, sadistic and very strong! she can destroy 2 mount in single kick (that what Natsu n member Fairy Tail said, in fact she's definitely sweet n cute girl =.=") Erza Scarlet always be bossie and always decide everything as she like, and no one dared oppose her Lol.

But in fact Erza Scarlet is an ordinary woman, I laughed when Erza Scarlet fall into the trap hole created by Lucy (her own friend), ands shouting "Kya!" she's really sound so cute ^^", and while out she act like noting happen Lol ,Erza Scarlet is a wizard S class and is the strongest woman in Fairy Tail, and her magic is reequip, Her requip magic allows her to'equip' any number of a large variety of weapons That she can access through her magic, She likes using her Reequip magic not only to equip Herself armor but to dress up as well. She's so good That cans she change her outfit in an instant.

well ... I find this stunning Erza Scarlet cosplay in MMOSITE, the cosplayer is a model named Kristell Lim, she looks very cute with Erza Scarlet costume, but I think she does't fit well as Erza Scarlet I imagined, ummm ... I think the Erza Scarlet costume make Kristell Lim looks more shorter than her original, costum from Erza Scarlet looks very cool and real, that was made very detailed, but I'm not too like with her wig, I think Kristell Lim will look more natural if she not use wig, even so i love this Erza Scarlet cosplay! perfect!

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