Canaan cosplay : Liang Qi Cosplay

Canaan cosplay : Liang Qi Cosplay 
i found this Liang Qi cosplay photo from,  I just watch this anime yesterday, I liked the story and I'm tempted to search for Canaan cosplay  images. very few who take cosplay costum of Canaan, I was a little trouble finding a good picture xD but I've found some good Canaan cosplay photo, and now  I will post the Liang Qi cosplay! this nice cosplay, though she was not really fit with Liang Qi that is in my imagination ^^.

Liang Qi is an unstable girl who always lived under the shadow of her older sister (Alphard), and always wanted to be recognized by her she always trying to get her attention, but Alphard always pay attention to her enemies (Canaan) and often forget about Liang Qi , It makes Liang Qi very hate Canaan and she was devastated by her sister's words "a pawn That lack judgments earnest just be a hindrance" I actually feel sorry for the Liang Qi, but also be very scary if I have a girlfriend like her xD nice cosplay!!

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