Keiko Yamazaki Cosplay by Mussum

Not much that I know about this Pure Trance anime/manga, all I know is this is a horror manga written by Junko Mizuno (not Junko Enishima ^^'), and the story in this manga full with Alien Safari Adventure, evil experiments, and a girl who dreams of becoming a pop idol signer, and Keiko Yamazaki is tyrannical director who ruined a hospital and start all the stories in this Pure Trance manga.

                                 Mussum's WorldCosplay

Wow...I know a lot about the Pure Trance manga (of course with a lot of help from google), let's see how sexy Mussum in this Keiko Yamazaki Cosplay picture, she's got 85 points over 100 sexy point that I have, Mussum looks even more sweet and seductive than all fruits in this Keiko Yamazaki Cosplay picture ^^.

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