Juliet Starling Cosplay Lollipop Shainsaw Game

Juliet Starling is the main protagonist character in Lollipop Chainsaw Video Game, have you ever imagined sexy cheerleader slaughtering Zombie with her ​​bubbly face, I think you'll fall in love with Juliet Starling, As the title of this video game "Lollipop Chainsaw" that means Juliet Starling is inseparable from her Lollipop and also her favorite Chainsaw for slaughtering zombie.

                                Hiko's WorldCosplay

Well,. now we are seeing Juliet Starling Cosplay by Hiko, I know Hiko is not American blonde girl but she got same Hot Level as real Juliet Starling, right? love to see how she enjoyed her Lollipop, in this Juliet Starling Cosplay picture there is also the head of Nick (he is Juliet's Boyfriend) Just throw him away and Come to me Juliet xD.

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