Elf Makeup & Elf Ears Tutorial

Halloween’s around the corner and here’s a last minute Costume idea for you!


So I was inspired to film this Elf makeup after receiving many compliments about my elf ears.  I attended Drefan’s Mega Awesome Cosplay Birthday Bash earlier this June and becauseit was a medieval themed, I had to wear something in theme. I wasn’t able to confirm my attendance until the day itself and so I was left with just a few hours to pull a costume together. And I came up with this.


Makeup used:

I had a lot of fun filming this makeup tutorial but I also had so much trouble filming this *pew*! I have new found respect for makeup vlogging gurus, it’s hard to describe all these makeup process much less harder to sound good while saying it XD!

Check out the difference in the before and after OAO!

elf makeup before after

I hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know if you have any other video ideas for me or if you would like to see more =)

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