Cute Annie Leonhart Cosplay by Mussum

Annie Leonhart is the female titan that almost successful to kidnap Eren jaeger while in the giants forest, although Annie always looks cold when killing humans but actually she still has a human heart, she is often seen crying after killing human while in titan form, Annie is a very strong fighter and has a distinctive kick.

                                Mussum's WorldCosplay

Its a bit bloody Annie Leonhart Cosplay by Mussum here, after shocked us with the creepy Bubble Head Nurse Cosplay, this time Mussum cosplaying as Annie Leonhart from Shingeki No Kyojin Anime series. although she looks too cute as Annie but i really love her kicking pose in this Annie Leonhart Cosplay, and her nice blond hair too ^^. Eren what are you doing back there =,=".

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