Female One Piece Cosplay Parade

If in this world there is no male gender I think all male characters in the One Piece anime would look like in this Female One Piece Cosplay Parade photo, badass character turned into a sweet, cute and smexy character, I think if I had the chance to meet One Piece characters in the real life I want them to look like this.


In this Female One Piece Cosplay Parade photo there is a female version of: Monkey D Luffy (by Mostflogged), Roronoa Zoro (Unknown), Sanji (by Nekosrocks), Franky (by Insane pencil), Tony Tony Chopper (unknown), Akagami no Shanks (by Mellorineeee), Chrocodile & Portgas D Ace (by Deicn911). sorry I did not include some of cosplayers names, and maybe you know something, please comment :)

Deicn911 Dev Page : deicn911.deviantart.com
Mostflogged Dev Page : mostflogged.deviantart.com
Nekosrocks Dev Page : nataliecartman.deviantart.com
Mellorineeee Dev Page : mellorineeee.deviantart.com

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