Ayane Cosplay by Mon

Ayane is a Kunoichi Ninja girl from a clan in the mountains in Japan, and when the princess of the clan (Kasumi) went to America and became the outcast ninja, and is considered to have betrayed her clan, Ayane was assigned to bring her back or kill her, even though in her deep heart she felt hard to become enemy from her old good friend. Cosplay costume in this Ayane Cosplay is from Dead or Alive 4.

                                                                Mon WorldCosplay
Well, what can I say, this is the cutest Ayane Cosplay I've ever seen, that is a Magic part of Mon that always makes any character look cuter when she's cosplaying as it :)

Cosplayer : Mon (Taiwan)
Character : Ayane
Tittle : Dead or Alive 4

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