FireFall Online Cosplay Photography by BigHideBazooka

Firefall is a massively multiplayer online team-based computer game from Red 5 Studios, i never play FireFall Online game but i know how great This FireFall Online Cosplay photography by BigHideBazooka are, i just need one word to explain their FireFall Online Cosplay costume...PERFECT!. first time i saw this Cosplay Photography  i think this is FireFall's official cosplay to promote their game but i don't think so when i saw BigHideBazooka word.

Not just their Cosplay Costume that looks impressive here, but also the Cosplayer look very fits as the character from FireFall Online game (i feel like i saw them on official trailer XD in 3D tho), i really love the cosplayer body posture that really can match up with their FireFall Online Cosplay costume, especially for the girl cosplay ofcourse she looks so hot with her cosplay costume :P.

Update : The Cosplayer name is Crystal Graziano (Girl) Sponsored by Red 5 Studios and FireFall.
Crystal Graziano's Facebook page :

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