Cosfest Day 1 (Photo Pimps)

Even though I’ve already cosplayed 3 times this year and attended a few Animanga related events, I still feel like I haven’t seen the Cosplay Community for so long. Osashiburi!

I attended the OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2013 that same afternoon at Shanghai Dolly and came straight to Downtown East. By the time I reached it was 5:30pm so please ignore this entry’s lack of text and photos xD

The cosplays for the day were brillant as usual. And compared to the past where everyone was forced to make or tailor their own costumes, the costumes appearing at events these days are so much better!

I have so much I want to say but for now, I shall retire to bed. Thank you to everyone who came up to say hi and gave me your coscards!

Cosfest 088

With the adorable and super imbal Cvy. Probably shouldn’t have camwhore with her highness, she makes me look blah 8D Bleah, now that I’m putting my camwhore with her here, i feel like splashing my other camwhores with other cosplayers here…. zzzz

Hope you guys enjoy the photos! Please help me inform the Cosplayers that their photograhs are here if they granted me a shot ^_^/

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