Perona Cosplay by Deicn911 (WhereAreYou AHOZoro!!)

As always Deicn911 is always make the character look even more prettier than the original character from anime, i never think perona will look so pretty i real life like on this Perona Cosplay ^^, Deicn911 really change my imagination about Real life perona, well regardless of Deicn911 success in making Perona look beautiful...i really love the photography effect on this Perona Cosplay photo, dark touch at this photo makes her look really were on Perona's dream island (Kuraigana Island), perona on this One Piece Cosplay is perona after 2 year time skip (check here for Perona cosplay before time skip).

Beside that one more think that make Deicn911's cosplay photo always look alive, she always manages to present the story in every Cosplay photo that she made, in this Perona Cosplay photo she looks're looking for Zoro who always get lost and make him hassles ^^ well i got this Perona Cosplay by Deicn911 (Where Are You AHOZoro!!!) from her worldCosplay page go there to see more of her cosplay photo. Love it!

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