Cute Rinami Cosplay Photography : Gumi

Cute Rinami Cosplay Photography : Gumi Gallery

Let's enjoy this cute Rinami Cosplay phhotography as Gumi, although this Rinami Cosplay Photography was taken in outdoor and just using natural light, but i love this Rinami Cosplay Photography, and Rinami has become the main point from this Gumi cosplay photography, Well maybe you don't know yet who's gumi is, Gumi is not as famous as Miku but she is one of the character from Vocaoid 2, and she is an official mascot character of Megpoid which is a singing synthesizer application software powered by Yamaha's Vocaloid2 and was published by Internet, and i got this rinami Cosplay Photography as Gumi from ummm...forgot from where i got this cosplay photography XD its already in my cosplay photo collection for long time, check this awesome Vocaloid Cosplay Photography by Miiko. 

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