Macross Frontier Cosplay Photography by Miiko

I got something for Macross Frontier fans (especially renka lee fans), yesterday i found interesting Macross Frontier Cosplay photography by Miiko, i say it interseting because Miiko wearing unique cosplay costume, i don't know if Renka Lee ever wearing costume like this in anime but the costume in this Macross Frontier Cosplay photo is look like unprofessional gundam cosplay costume ^^".

Renka Lee Cosplay Photography by Miiko Gallery

Macross Frontier Cosplay Costume seem interesting and nice in some way but i think her hat make it look weird, her costume look like just ordinary undies with futuristic proof and chinese traditional hat ^^ well the best thing is, it look like Miiko got a plug device in her belly (with an arrow pointing towards the bottom of her belly) well although i don't really like her Cosplay Costume but i always love to see Miiko Cosplay and wearing any cosplay costume, and shes still look pretty as always. overall i like this Macross Frontier Cosplay Photography by Miiko.  

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