Nice One Piece Cosplay by Sakuya

Its another One Piece Cosplay photography as Nami Character, i have post many of One Piece Cosplay Photo but this time the coser behind this Nami cosplay is Sakuya :D, its been long long time not post her cosplay photo (i said i won't post her cosplay photo anymore XD) but i change my mind now there is too many good cosplay photo from her that is too dear to be missed ^^" including this One Piece Cosplay by her.

Nice One Piece Cosplay by Sakuya Gallery

Well in this One Piece Cosplay photo Sakuya wearing a Alabasta dance autfits, as long i remember nami wearing this dance outfit when she came to alabasta to save the Alabasta kingdom and help her friend princess Vivi (Sakuya look hot with that outfit ^^), ctually Sakuya not that fits as Nami (for me) i got different image about Nami character from One Piece anime, does't matter about her body posture but sakuya seem not fits with Nami personality, well thats not a big matter Sakuya still look nice and pretty as Nami on this One Piece Cosplay photo, this is previous Sakuya Cosplay.

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