Cute Misa Cosplay as Super Sonico

Finally i can post more of Misa Cosplay photography, last time i post Misa Cosplay photography as Asuka, you can check her previous cosplay from this link, and now she cosplaying as cute, hot and smexy nurse from Nitro Super Sonico game, actually she's not just a nurse, whatever she wanted it all depends on the players who play her, till i got this Misa Cosplay photography i still not sure whos Super Sonico is.

Cute Misa Cosplay as Super Sonico Gallery

Well i think super sonico cosplay is identically with hot nurse costume, most of sonico cosplay photo always wearing super hot nurse costume as well with this Misa Cosplay photography, if all nurse in hospital like on this Misa Cosplay photo i think will find my reason to go to Hospital everydays ^^:, this is sweet pink Misa Cosplay photo as Super Sonico, i think Misa's real name is Jia Ju Jiang, not sure though.

in short, Super Sonico is the mascot for Nitroplus Company’s yearly music festival named, Nitro Super Sonico. Nitroplus make visual novel games which require the player to move through a fictional story with static images. Choosing their own fate they require little actual game-play and act more like a Choose Your Own Adventure book than an RPG ~animepicks..

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