Lovely Saya Cosplay as Izumi Sawatari

In this Saya Cosplay she was made completely different Izumi Sawatari, i mean Saya make Izumi Sawatari in mature version and more beautiful (saya really not fits as kid or Moe Character ^^") but i prefer this version of Izumi Sawatari, this Saya Cosplay is much-much better version of Izumi Sawatari ~for me, I keep seeing these Saya Cosplay pictures again and again, Saya really has a very sweet smile that make me really miss to see Saya Cosplaying >.<.

Lovely Saya Cosplay as Izumi Sawatari Gallery

Izumi Sawatari is 14 year old (well she will look like on this Saya Cosplay photo when she growing XD), she is one of the three girls who get hired by Yoshitaka (the main character from He is My Master Anime), actually Saya got a nice detail on he maid cosplay costume but i think the lace on the breast part seem little different from maid costume in anime ^^" ~XD can't stop seeing that lace part, well forget that, i got this Sweet Saya Cosplay photo from cosrain. ummm i got new plane for my life now, its would be nice if i make cafe and hired girls to work like on this anime XD.

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