Beautiful Saya Cosplay with Black Dress

Another Beautifull Saya Cosplay Photography as Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid 2, i think almost all Saya Cosplay photography always show the character she cosing with sweet smile and cheerful or in sad expression, but in this Saya Cosplay photo there is so many emotion shown beetween hatsune Miku with the way whos that male character name xD? is that Diva Kaito? oh well whoever he is, he seemed to enjoying the moment with Saya :D (i mean Hatsune Miku)

Beautiful Saya Cosplay with Black Dress Gallery

They both look so happy and enjoying their time together, beside that the lighting effect (and little editing effect) give a romantic touch to this Saya Cosplay Photography ^^ they look like a real couple in 
prewedding photo session XD woww i kinda jelous (sad Saya has left us now) thats really nice elegan black dress i like the lace design on that dress that make the dress look more nice, one more thing that i love from this Saya Cosplay photography is the background of it, the background of city with sunset orange sky give more romantic atmosphere to this Saya Cosplay Photography, well you can see another Saya Cosplay with dress on Euphemia cosplay by Saya.

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