Yoko Littner Cosplay by Cool

I just got another Yoko Littner Cosplay photo two day ago and was planning to post that here yesterday, but I had to post them now, well the cosplayer behind this sweet Yoko Littner Cosplay photo is sweet taiwan Cosplayer, her name is Cool (thats not her real name ^^), i already post her cosplay photo before, she always did great on every her cosplay photo, especially for the photography ascpect, lighting and the background set of her cosplay photo, as well on this Yoko Littner Cosplay photo, she look very fits as Yoko Littner although her face characteristic can show Yoko Littner personality here but her body posture seem fits as Yoko Littner.

Yoko Littner Cosplay by Cool Gallery

Well about her Yoko Littner Cosplay Costume on this Cosplay photo that was made close enough with a real one, Yoko is the tritagonist of the series. She is a young woman from Littner, a village neighboring Giha, and is introduced as a member of a small resistance against the beastmen. She helps introduce Simon and Kamina to the surface world, and becomes a member of Team Gurren soon after, well love the lighting and the background set of this Yoko Littner Cosplay photo, that look like the old destroyed house, i got this Yoko Littner Cosplay Photo by Cool from her WorldCosplay page.

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