Fairy Tail Cosplay Photo by Zusaki

Zusaki is the cosplayer behind the Trinity Blood Cosplay photo that i've posted before, this time she cosplaying as the main female protagonist from Fairy Tail anime series, Lucy heartfilia, i just got  two Fairy Tail Cosplay photo by Zusaki now, but i hope i can get more of her Fairy Tail Cosplay next time, thought i can said Zusaki looks perfect as Lucy Heartfillia but I like the way she posed in this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo, she looks so cheerfull and energic (i think that look like real Lucy) pretty, cheerfull and energic ^^.

Fairy Tail Cosplay Photo by Zusaki  Gallery

well i still got problem with my PC i really dont know how to fix it >.<, but now i got photoscape to brows my cosplay photo collection :D thats better, Zusaki got different face characteristic with Lucy that made her looks different with Lucy, but thats not a matter since she already show us a pretty Lucy heartfilia on this Fairy Tail Cosplay, i got this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo last week from Zusaki WorldCosplay page, there is still some of Zusaki Cosplay photo on her page, i think i gonna post that later, well till now i still following this anime and read manga version, its was good anime and this is great and sweet Fairy Tail Cosplay by Zusaki as Lucy Heartfilia.

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