What’s inside the bag of a Cosplayer: Inuran


Cosplayer: Inuran ( http://ototsuki.deviantart.com)

Yes! Finally a new segment. Actually not really new because I have done them before but stopped for very long. Anyway, super much thanks to Inuran for allowing us to peek into her bag. In case any of you are wondering, she is cosplaying as Hatsune Miku, Senbo Sakura version.

Apologise in advance for the horrible background noise. We filmed this at an event area and the only place with a suitable background and lesser human traffic was the place with a generator =_=. To make things worse, there were weird flying creatures (which according to our friends are Sand Flies) flying around us being a nuisance. Which is why in some scenes you see tiny black specks flying across and Inuran flicking something away from her face.

Did you guys enjoyed it? Want moar? Comment and let me know!

P/s: You wont believe how much trouble I had editing & uploading this video. This is the 3rd time I'm uploading T_T. And I think in the future I should try to upload videos in the wee hours. Because while this 465 mb video took around 3 hours or so to upload in daytime, it only took around 50 mins in this hour. =_=

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