Street Fighter Cosplay Photo by Miiko

Street Fighter Cosplay Photo by Miiko as one of my favorites character on Street fighter IV, Han Juri, Han juri has very evil face xD at last that what i think when i saw her at first time but she has cool fighting style (actually i think that was Tekwondo but different, its looked more like Sanji fighting style xD), one my reason i love this Han Juri on Street Fighter is because Han Juri is one of fast moving and agile type fighter she even has very long combo and awesome purple skill effect, beside that her costume look cool too (i think that look like traditional Chinese undies with long taekwondo pant) that really fit with fast fighting style like her, another thing i love from this character is her grumpy and evil face xD her arrogance suited to her ability, Juri... That power... That eye... She's no ordinary fighter. She is an untamed animal who seeks to destroy and consume all that enters her sight.

Stree Fighter Cosplay Photo by Miiko Gallery

well this is several time i post of Han Juri Cosplay, and in this Street Fighter cosplay the cosplayer is one of my favorites cosplayer Miiko, honestly, I think miiko not suitable as Han Jury ^^ i think Han Juri should have more wild eyes and evil expression but ummm Miiko seem too cute as her XD, but her cosplay costume still awesome like always :D i love her hair too that seem very natural and look like real Han Juri hair, another thing i love from this Street Fighter Cosplay is Miiko pose, I think her body flexible enough to do a Han Juri pose like that ^^, but again, her expression does not match the Han Juri's expression ^^", well what ever i still love this Street Fighter Cosplay by Miiko, well dont give dirty comment on this Street Fighter Cosplay :D trust me Miiko (Han Juri) really know how to use his legs to kick someone butt xD, well I love this Street Fighter Cosplay Photo from, its nice Street Fighter Cosplay (i love the color on it, so glowing :D).

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