Vocaloid Cosplay Photo by Miiko

Vocaloid Cosplay Photo by Miiko cosplayer as Miku Hagane character from fanmade vocaloid, well i dont know what exactly this Miku Hagane but from information i got Miku Hagane is Heavy Metal version of Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid 2, and this Miku Hagane is character from Vocaloid type H, Miku Hagane character design is based on Miku Hatsune, and thus she has many similarities with her in appearance. However, there are also many key differences in their appearance, Her hair is a silver/grey color, with blue eyes that have red pupils. On her left arm is a tattoo reading '01', similar to Miku, but with a more jagged design. She wears the same ribbons and headphones as Hatsune, and she also wearing Clots with similar to Miku Hatsune's as wel.

Vocaloid Cosplay Photo by Miiko Gallery 

Well again i got another Miiko Cosplay photo as Miku Hagane (miiko n miku has similar name XD) ya i already post of Miiko cosplay as Miku Hagane before which you can find that here and here, i always love Miiko expression and pose on her cosplay photo mostly her cosplay photo always cosplaying as Hot character and her expression and pose always bit propocative and made me uhh...lol, in this Vocaloid Cosplay Photo by Miiko, Miiko wearing stunning Miku Hagane cosplay costume complete with Miku hagane's guitar (though i dont know that was Miku Hagane's guitar or no), but she really did great job on this Vocaloid Cosplay Photo by Miiko, her hair seem very natural, her cosplay costume look very close to the real Miku Hagane's costume that was made with detailed and right material, her guitar made her seem cool :D, and her pose made me umm...forget that, but one more thing which i love from this Vocaloid cosplay photo is butterfly tatto on Miiko belly XD awsome, i got this Vocaloid Cosplay Photo by Miiko from mon0r.com, sweet vocaloid cosplay photo by Miiko.  

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