Rei Miyamoto Cosplay by Hatori

Rei Miyamoto Cosplay by Hatori from High School of The Dead anime series, High School of the Dead is echi manga which has been adapted to anime The story follows a group of high school students, high school's nurse, and a young girl caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and they fight their way to safety through the deadly streets of Japan during a worldwide catastrophic event known as the "Outbreak". in this cosplay photo Hatori has cosplaying as Rei Miyamoto, Rei Miyamoto is a police doughter and also a childhood friend of main character Takashi Komuro, Rei Miyamoto is Takashi's classmate and the female protagonist of the series, Rei Miyamoto has blonde long hair and sometime can become childish personality, Rei dated Hisashi, but her feelings for Takashi never disappeared. In chapter 12, Rei tells Takashi that girls like guys that are cute and caring, even though Takashi replied that he wasn't either of those.

Rei Miyamoto Cosplay by Hatori Photo Gallery

I love this anime (though i dont like their School uniform ^^"), i watch the anime and start reading the manga, but till now this High School of The dead just stucked in volume 28, i still wondering how this anime will ended, the most my favorite character in this anime is Saeko Busujima actually i always love to see girl with katana ^^, that look cool but still sweet, overall i feel this anime very similar with Resident evil and the Dead Rising game, (sometime i think there is some relation about this anime and resident evil :D), Hatori seem fit well with Rei Miyamoto on this Rei Miyamoto Cosplay by Hatori, though she's seem bit different, the school uniform look very close to the School uniform in the manga, and i love her wig too, that seem nice and natural enough as Rei miyamoto hair, the background on this Rei Miyamoto Cosplay by Hatori seem very similar with school leader in some scenes in the anime (i still can remember when they beat zombies head with baseball stick in that place XD), and the most i love is the SMG which holding by Hatori seem very real i still believing that was an Airsoftgun, and thats gun very similar with the gun which used by Rei in anime, i love this Rei Miyamoto Cosplay by Hatori, but i already forgot where i got this Rei Miyamoto Cosplay by Hatori, i though i got this cosplay photo from but not sure.

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