Street fighter cosplay Han Juri by VampBeauty

Another Street Fighter Cosplay photo, this time from my another favorite character, i found many great han juri cosplay photo on internet, i can said this Street Fighter cosplay photo are some who i think the best of Stree Fighter Cosplay ever, the cosplayer name is VampBeauty, actually i dont know her name (just found this Street Fighter cosplay photo from her DevGallery ^^), many factor who make me impressed with this street fighter cosplay photo, Her hair really look real and very close to han Juri hair (i mean that not look like a wig), and the cosplay costume has been made well too.

Street Fighter Cosplay by VampyBeauty Gallery

Actually VampBeauty has did great job here, i think this Street Fighter cosplay almost perfect, with similar body posture, nice hairstyle and nice cosplay costume too, but the most i love from this street fighter cosplay photo is her photography aspect, the han Juri skill effect really look cool and made this photo really look more alive, i really love that xD, even so i think the VampBeauty has too cute face, and she look too sweet in this street fighter cosplay ^^",  i think she needs to put faces more bitchy like real Han Juri xD dont mean it, i got this amazing Street Fighter cosplay photo from VampBeauty DevGallery u can go there here

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