Final Fantasy Cosplay by Miiko

Final Fantasy Cosplay Mithran character by Miiko, this is another Miiko's cosplay photo, in this Final Fantasy Cosplay photo Miiko cosplaying as Mithran character, mithran is A predominantly female race of hunters who live alongside the Tarutaru in Windurst, Miiko look great and total in this Final fantasy cosplay photo, she wear stunning cosplay costume and some great make up, i like to see her ear, thats look fluffy ^^". im sure that hear will give Miiko spectacular hearing ability, but i think her wig become minus point here becouse that look fake for me (just my argument, ^^"). well...overall i love this final fantasy cosplay, her face which look more cute than the original Mithran character, and her cosplay costume with nice detailed, made this final fantasy cosplay look great, especially i love her fluffy ear ^^.

Final Fantasy Cosplay by Miiko Gallery

In the final fantasy xi game Players can only choose to play as a female Mithra, as the Mithra men are fairly rare and are seen as something of a commodity. Only the females, who are more numerous, go out to adventure, Contrary to the myth, the Mithra actually evolved from the magic blast thought to have wiped out the Zilart race, well i got this Final fantasy cosplay photo from nice cosplay by miiko.

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