Tinkerbell Cosplay by koyuki

Tinkerbell Cosplay by koyuki, this is another cosplay photo from Koyuki, well i know tinkerbell is not an anime character and its should not be here, but koyuki really look very cute for real with this tinkerbell cosplay costume, and blonde hair ^^. after longtime im not update this blog i guess koyuki cosplay look fit to start over my post again. in this Tinkerbell cosplay koyuki has been made tinkerbell character alive with asian and oriental version. tinkerbell is one of the main character on the disney movie with same tittle, i dont really love to see this movie, but i really love to see koyuki on this Tinkerbell cosplay photo, as always the photograper of this tinkerbell cosplay photo is Kojima. that was great work.

Tinkerbell Cosplay by Koyuki Gallery

the background and pink shade on this tinkerbell photo really represent of tinkerbell on the movie as girl movie (though i know tinkerbell not too girly ^^), she is mechanic fairy who create mechine for fairy job, well i love this cosplay. i got this photo from cosrain.com, there is a ton of cosplay photo in there, so you can go there to see another cool cosplay photo from your favorite cosplayer ^^, but of course you can got that in here too.

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