One Piece Cosplay Kalifa and Rob Lucy

Kalifa cosplay, Kalifa is one of the CP9 member, actually she is the only one female member of CP9, kalifa is beautiful woman with gold blonde hair, and glass, before CP9 repeal their cover, Kalifa worked as secretary. kalifa has a devil fruit power, i can call her as soap girl (sound not cool ^^") kalifa devil fruit abillity is her body made from soap, and can change anybody she touch into soap, and in the one piece series, she can defeat sanji very easy, and turn sanji body in to soap (sanji don't want hurt girl xD) and in the end, Kalifa defeated by nami with her bolt.

 this One Piece Cosplay Kalifa and Rob Lucy Aira cosplaying as Kalifa, she is very fit as kalifa, i mean she has similar face as Kalifa, and the kalifa costume has been made well and great detailed, i guess that was righ material for Kalifa costume, and the lace on her dress made well, actually i already post this One Piece Cosplay Kalifa and Rob Lucy, but i don't notice that the cosplayer was Aira ^^", and that Rob Lucy cosplay look great tough, he has great expression and quite fit face too. but i don't know whos the cosplayer behind that rob lucy cosplay, i took this One Piece Cosplay Kalifa and Rob Lucy from, you can visit that site for another cool cosplay photo ^^. great!

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