Amazing Misaka Mikoto Cosplay by Saya

I have post Mikoto Misaka cosplay by Midori Kanda before, and now I have Mikoto Misaka by Saya, Misaka Mikoto is the son of a wealthy businessman, and she is the son of millionaires from To aru Majutsu no Index anime, even that Misaka Mikoto grew up as a regular girl and normal typical childhood, and when Misaka Mikoto was young, she had realized her power who can control electricity, she was discovered to be a Level 1 Electromaster, Mikoto attends Tokiwadai Middle School, a famous girls' school for the rich and elite psychics and one of the five elite schools of Academy City. I want to possess the power of Psychic too >.<, I think not too bad if I can control the electric power ^^.

Well, i rally love this Amazing Mikoto Misaka Cosplay by Saya, besides Saya is one of my favorite cosplayer, I also love the background of this Amazing Mikoto Misaka Cosplay by Saya, the background of the sky, really made ​​this cosplay photo very cool, nice angle shot! and as a fan of Saya I feel Saya quite fit as Mikoto Misaka on my mind, she has fit posture and cute face too ^^ (i guess everybody agree with me >.<). so ... don't forget to visit the original site of this cosplay photo in, (actually I do not know that the original site or not ^^") but I get this picture from there. but check That out!

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