Bleach Cosplay Orihime Inoue by Saki

Bleach Orihime Inoue Cosplay is always interesting for me, I found a lot of Orihime Inoue Cosplay photo on the internet, and they all look very pretty and cool, and I had just discovered this is Inoue Orihime Cosplay by Saki, she looks cute with wearing Inoue Cosplay costume, and she also looks similar to the original Inoue, (well...did not exactly like what I imagine ^^") but she is quite suitable as Inoue, she has a cute face and also have the right body posture with the Inoue, and i like that Kon doll too, that make Saki look more cuter ^^. i took this Cosplay Photo from many good cosplay photo there.

Its already several months I did not follow the Bleach Anime series, the last I see when the members of arancar and Aizen came to earth, and a war between the shinigami with the Arancar has come, I saw until Soi-fon use her bankai. Inoue himself surrendered to Aizen to secure her friend and went to Huese Mundo (the world of the Hollow) but Ichigo, ishida and another Inoue friend went after Inoue to rescue her, who made me lazy to watch Bleach, they cut the main story with a short story, which make the audience not to feel the tension of this anime >.<, anyway i love this Inoue Cosplay!

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