Naruto Cosplay of Sakura Haruno Cute Cosplay

Naruto Cosplay of Sakura Haruno Cute Cosplay 
I've posted Naruto Cosplay : Sakura Haruno cosplay before, but for the image of Sakura Haruno, the picture there is does't appear, and now I have another Naruto Cosplay of Sakura Haruno Cute Cosplay, in the anime, I'm more curious about the feelings of Sakura Haruno since sasuke left them I think Sakura Haruno began to open her heart for Naruto, actually I also hope that Naruto will be with Hinata in the end :D.

This Naruto Cosplay of Sakura Haruno Cute Cosplay, I found the picture on Flickr ( and i did not find the name of the cosplayer. there are some nice cosplay photos from Sakura Haruno too, I think she is very fitting as Sakura Haruno.even less of fierce impression ^^". and this picture is very neat, thx for photograper. great cosplay!

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