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So you guys already knew I was at the Mecha Design House's event last last weekend. And it was quite a blast for me. Don't ask me why this entry is so delayed again ToT



Joined the cosplay workshop on Saturday and learnt costuming tricks from the Japanese cosplayers; Takasou and Darknight. Just in case you don't know, they were one of the japanese team from 2007 world cosplay summit.

In the workshop, Takasou and Darknight san demonstrated the making of Lelouch's helmet. Which you see me wearing very enthusiastically below. Erm, okay, you can't tell that I'm enthu because you can't see my face xDD

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I am not a mecha fan and the only mecha series I watched was Gwing. But even I got very excited when I saw the sheer awesomeness of their costumes! We even had the chance to wear shinji's plug suit!!

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I've always dreamed of cosplaying Rei because of her cool and sexy image. But never got the guts and motivation to do it. I guess this helps make up for it xD It was a pity we didn't managed to get any hands on session due to some issues (SCC was afraid we might trigger the sprinklers ). But the main crux of the workshop was using heat and foam to sculpt the base then using a fabric cover on top. Won't go into the details here otherwise I'll be spoiling the market xD But I think its very obvious already @.@ If you want to learn more, send an email to SCC and get them to bring them back again xD

Sadly, I missed the session with Goldy where the participants actually had hand-on. But I guess there's always a next time =) Pimping some photo goodness for your guys to feel bad about not joining xD


Takasou san showing us her automail. Check out toe details omfggggg!!

Darknight san was really funny when he got into costume. For most part of the workshop, it was Takasou san speaking as her command of english was better. And darknight san just kept quiet and did his stuff. But when he got into his eva suit, he started playing with kids, fake drinking from bottles and just plain being funny.


Mechas need to drink too!image

Maria and I gave them mooncakea and lanterns as a souvenir. Which they started sparring with, LOLZ. Oii, oii, that’s not how you use lanterns yo xD


We ended the evening by having dinner and then going to..... Night Safari homg! We chatted a lot about our views of cosplay, the difference in our cosplay cultures and many other things that only real cosplayers can talk about. It was really nice to be able to learn and interact so much with a cosplayer from another country. And we really appreciate the chance , much thanks to SCC for organising these workshops for free! I'm already looking forward to the next one ^_^!

Ending this entry with some photographs of the exhibits and other random stuffs I think you guys will like xD


P1130528 P1130530 P1130509 P1130525 P1130524 P1130523 P1130518  P1130495 P1130522


The finger structure of the evangelion suit! Awesome work there. This design works so well he can hold things without much assistance.

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Kawaii kids xD I think the grandfather had more fun than his grandchildren xD

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